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    Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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  • UNIQUE SOLUTIONS - The School of Excellence

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School Rules

Dear Parents,

Kindly note these following points:-

  1. Students must come in complete uniform, having proper haircut and maintain hygiene, otherwise Rs. 10/- per item will be charged as fine.
  2. Every Tuesday will be observed as barber day (for boys) and Rs. 50/- will be charged from haircut defaulters.
  3. School property is to be protected by every student. If any child is found vandalizing or damaging school property, fine will be charged, equivalent to the item replaced and fixed.
  4. Misbehavior / misconduct / abusive language etc. will not be accepted in or outside the class.
  5. Fee is to be deposited in school office. After 10th of each month Rs. 25/- per day will be charged as fine. After 20th the children will not allowed to sit in the class and re-admission will be done.
  6. During school hours parents are not allowed to meet the teacher neither exchange phone number. Only on Friday they may meet with teachers after off timings.
  7. Parents are requested to daily sign and read the diary and keep us informed about any suggestion for the improvement of the students.
  8. School will not be responsible for the completion of any make up work if the child is on leave or absent.
  9. Students are expected to follow all the rules and regulations strictly, instructed by the school authorities. Disobedience of any rule will be penalized.
  10. The school takes pride in promoting our traditional values. We expect our studnets to be cultured and decent all times and observe dignity even under pressure.
  11. Any gross misconduct on part of parents or students will automatically mean termination from the school.
  12. All student are required to be present in school during the stipulated school hours.
  13. Students are expected to speak clearly and politely at all times. Any abusive language used will cause severe disciplinary action. Students are also informed the English is the medium of instruction and communication in Unique Solutions School System.
  14. Students are not allowed to bring motorbikes, jewelry, mobile phone and any other item to school as there will be confiscated by the school authority and will not be responsible for any damage and return.
  15. School age group
Class Age
Play Group 3 Years
Nursery 4 Years
Prep - A & B 5 Years
One6 Years
Two 7 Years
Three 8 Years
  1. All admissions will be on Merit. As usual, preference will be given to brothers and sisters already studying in Unique Solutions School System.
  2. Double promotion fee charged Rs. 5,000/- to be deposited before tests.
  3. Inter branch transfer fee Rs. 1000/- Plus charges in tuition fee.
  4. For any information contact: +92-423-6632927

You are requested to sign this circular in the space provided to indicate that you have received, read and understood the above main features.

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