Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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    Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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    The School of Excellence

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  • UNIQUE SOLUTIONS - The School of Excellence

    To be the first choice of every parent. When it comes to the education of their children.

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Team Management!

Adbul Waheed

Mrs. Zubia Waheed
Chief Admin
B.A. B.Ed
Educate the students on Islamic base culture and realise them their limits which develop their character building.

Mrs. Sidra Amir
M.A English [Lit], M.A Education [T.E], B.Ed, M.Ed [Administration]

Miss Shafaq
Masters In Arts and Design
Our purpose is preparing a child not only to be academically competitive but also to know the importance of extra curricular activities so that they would aware of their talents.

Section Heads!

Miss Aliza
Junior Section Head [ 1 to 8th Class ]
M.A [Special Education], M.ed
Don't limit a child to your own learning for he was born in another time.

Miss Fatima Munir
Senior Section Head [ 9th and 10th Class ]
B.Sc [Zoology, Botany and Chemistry], B.Ed [Biology and Chemistry]
The Whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Teaching is the profession of Prophets so, that's why I adopt it.

Miss Nasreen
Section Head - Boy Campus
B.A, B.Ed
Being a section head I have lots of responsibilities so, its my duty to check and balance over everything. At the same time my aim is to educate my pupil.

Miss Saveera Saleem
Section Head - Boy Campus
As a section head and teacher I will work hard and do my job perfectly.


Miss Attiya Saleem
B.A, IELTS, MBS - Continue
Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Miss Sana Zahid
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

Miss Iqra Ahmed
B.A, B.Ed - Continue
Wisdom is the first stage to success.

Miss Samina Anjum
Teacher - English Pannel
B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
Education is learning what you didn't even know.

Miss Uzma Shafiq
event Manager
M.A [ Political Science ], B.Ed
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

Miss Attiya Batool
M.Sc [ Gender and Women Science ]
Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.

Miss Shazia Babar
Teacher - Islamiyat Pannel
M.A [ Islamiyat ], M.A [ Education ]
Education should be latest but never forget islamic values.

Miss Ghazala Riaz
Teacher - Urdu Pannel
Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open mind.

Qari M. Kashif Hussian
Islamic Teacher
Matric, Tajveed-ul-Quran, Arabic Courses
Learn Quran and teach it to others.

Miss Fareeha
Education is the key to success.

Miss Abida Arshed
Teacher - Urdu Pannel
B.A, B.Ed, M.A [ Urdu ] - Continue
Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence.

Miss Sayyada zainab Fazal
Teacher - Helper
Education is that kind of tool which will help you in your future.

Miss ayesha Fazal
Teacher - Helper
Education can turn savage in to a civilized human.

Miss Sadia
B.Com, MBA - Continue
My aim is to provide net only education but to groom them into a good citizen.

Miss Iram Shahzadi
Teacher - English Pannel
F.Sc, B,A, M.A English
"Learn from cradle to the death" Being a teacher its my responsibility to educate to improve and to develop my student into a good citizen.

Mr. Qasim Ayub
I.Com, B.Com [ Hons ]
Computer has brought revolutionary changer in the mechanic and electronic field, every youngster must try to be the part of this change.

Miss Nimra
Teacher - Computer Pannel
F.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed - Continue
It’s a teacher's duty to educate his/her pupil with full efforts so, I will educate and improve my students.

Mr. Shahbaz
Teacher - Science Pannel
B.Sc - Math A, Math B, Physics
According to me Science Subjects are choosen by the students because they want revolutionary change in their life "First learn then apply then you can create or destroy" Don’t always be negative or positive wait for the time.

Mr. Majid Naseer
Teacher - Math Pannel
F.Sc, B.Com, M.Com
Education and knowledge made human being the best creature of all so, keep getting knowledge to be more great.

Miss Wasfa
Teacher - Math Pannel
F.A, B.A, B.Ed
Children should pay attention to their aim and goals.

Tajalla Javed
Teacher - Science Pannel
F.Sc, B.Sc [ Physics, Computer, Math ]
Purpose is more important than need.

Miss Usmana
Teacher - Math Pannel
F.Sc, B.A, M.S Economics
I will work hard as possible as I could for the sake of student's future.

Miss Urooj Fatima
Teacher - Urdu Pannel
F.A, B.A, B.Ed
As a teacher I will improve and educate my student.

Miss Muqaddas
F.A, B.A
Being a teacher we all have lots of responsibilities regarding educating students so, we have to provideauthentic education.

Miss Faiza Imtiaz
Teacher - Political Science Pannel
F.A, B.A, M.A [ Political Science ]
I will educate my students and work hard as possible as I could being a teacher we all have lots of responsibilities.

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